Let’s Get Started

First off, I have never really run a blog before. I mean I played around with different poetry-like blogs, but I’ve never had to actually talk about something. Instead of rambling for my entire post though, I figured I’d give you an insight into what all I’m doing. First of all, I’m working on publishing a novel. The first question I get asked isn’t “Oh what’s your book about” which sounds like it should be the first question; but the actual first question I get is, “Was it hard?” 

This is like a trap….. Well yeah I mean I had to come up with the idea and then create something that was never there to begin with. However after doing it I look back and think, no really it wasn’t hard. It didn’t get hard until I actually finished the book. It was at that time I realized that this was nothing more than an idea that would eventually become my first draft of the novel. So I got down to it and wrote and wrote and wrote. When I finally got something that I liked out of it I smiled, sat back, and then thought ok now what…..

Now comes the hard and scary part. All of a sudden I’m a businesswoman!!! Who would have thought. I mean I wrote the book I’m done right? Wrong! Now I have to edit it, find an editor, gain an audience for not just the book but for me as an author, and publish and sell it. All of a sudden my playing on social media sites has become very important. Blogging for fun became a job. Finding hosting for a website became important. Marketing and tag lines, slogans and image all became something I had to think about. 

LUCKILY there is this wondrous thing called the internet. I can find anything and everything on there. I just have to take what I read with a grain of salt. Information can be both helpful and confusing but when you put everything together it’s a piece of cake; just a multi-layered one. 

So as I’m getting started and walking, more stumbling on this journey, I would love to bring you all with me. Feel free to laugh, scoff, comment, and shake your head…. I know I will be. 


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