Food for Thought?

I have no idea about anyone else, but I CANNOT think on an empty stomach. Today as I was trying to think about a new plot line and how I would outline it, my mind came to a screeching halt!!  I’m not even talking about running out of ideas. I just ran head first into a brick wall. Kinda hurts by the way. So I sat down and ate a bit and as I was eating I began rethinking about some other novels I’ve planned to write but never got around to it. So there I had it!!  Three completely different plot lines to three different novels. 

So I guess it’s a good thing I have coworkers that have great culinary skills. I’m working with my wonderful editor at wrapping up Dangerous Beauty so I guess it’s time to order some take out or another bowl of amazing chili. 

Ever really thought of it though? Food for though…. It seems a much better pay off than a penny for your thoughts AND you can exchange some great recipes while trying to gather your ideas for your next project. I’m sure this works for more than just writing. Who knows maybe that new dessert recipe will inspire the next great pop artist…..

So next time you get into a bind trying to find your next creative idea…. Try some food for thought!!!  

Cheesy yes I know. 


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