Vacation!!! (even if it’s a tiny one)

Went on a couple day retreat this weekend.  (can’t really call it a full vacation) I was able to relax and clear my head enough to realize I’m really stuck. Yeah I know that doesn’t sound good at all. So what do you do when you’re stuck on a developing project? Well…. like any sane person you blog, tweet, Facebook, and all those other social media things. There are bound to be endless strings of ideas there right?! 

That seems to be the easiest answer. But as with all easy answers, it’s a trap!!! (forgive the star wars interference here) I have found a TON of support in social media, don’t get me wrong, it can be really amazing. Unfortunately it can be very unhelpful as well. You go to a site and you post and there are 10,000 things very unhelpfully said before you get that spark of helpfulness. While waiting for that one spark valuable time is lost. 

What I’ve found best is when stuck, write yourself out!!!  Take a vacation from your project. (this doesn’t have to just be writing ya’ll) Step back and become the outsider looking in. Leave the room, house, state, country; whatever you need to do to refocus. If you want, turn to social media for that spark, but don’t rely on it. 

After that refresher, come back, sit down and just write. Don’t read what you wrote before and don’t read what you’re writing  now. Just write. I mean isn’t that what we have editing for? You know, to sort out the messes you make while just writing?  😉  

So tomorrow, I’m going to sit down, not look back, and just write and see what my mind leads my characters. Who knows… they may just take on a mind of their own and take me to the ending of the story. 


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