Who would have thought that our furry little friends could be such big distractions. I was writing away and I kept hearing a sound in the background. I look down to see this little face looking up at me. I figured just a little pet and she’d be just fine. That’s the trap guys!!! You go for just a little pet and then you are ensnared! 

Distractions are all around us. It’s rough to concentrate as it is on one thing adding sounds, movements, other people, and yes our beloved 4 legged friends into the mix and it’s a wonder we get anything done at  all. My solution? Well considering I fall to this little one’s charms as often as I do, I don’t have a good one. Only thing I can say is this, if you are distracted easily go to a place you can relax, think, be alone, and quiet to write. 

You don’t have to just write in the home or at a coffee house. Although coffee sounds amazing right about now. Get in touch with nature. Find a beautiful place to sit and think. Go to a local Botanical Garden, park, backyard, or nature reserve. The sounds can relax you and settle you down enough to open your mind and let your characters run wild. 



( I took this picture on my most recent trip to HaHa Tonka State Park)

Places like this one give me peace and quiet and I can get ideas and they run quite wild!! PLUS the walking I had to do to get to this place give me the added exercise bonus!!  GO ME! 

SOOooooooo get up and get out. Relax a bit. Get away from your distractions. Get focused on your project. Get it done and then enjoy those distractions. 🙂


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