Sweet Nothings and Writing Projects with family

The sweetest thing my husband could ever do for me was take my computer off my lap and curl up with me. Sometimes I don’t know when I need a rest and having him know helps out. It’s rough to balance out when an idea hits and much needed and necessary family time. 

My two boys adore mommy time at night. I get to curl up and watch a movie or episodes of whatever TV show they are watching at the time (this week it’s My Little Pony) Who knew my past childhood would be coming back in TV shows and toys again. 🙂 Sometimes I tend to forget that they count on that time as much as I do. Ideas will just have to wait. 

Frustrations mount when I don’t get my time too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in tears because a plot just isn’t working out, or a character just isn’t cutting it, or an entire novel just went up before my very eyes. If I were good at stepping back and taking a breath I would realize that it wasn’t the end of the world I was making it out to be. (I’m a bit of a drama queen as my husband LOVES to tell me, I’d have to agree with him… shhhh don’t tell him!!  😉 ) 

I can always count on my family to set me straight and get my head screwed back on right. All those cuddle times, snuggles, coffee breaks, and just “Hey you need to look at this goofy cat video” are their way of saying “hey crazy lady talking to her computer take a break!” 

Speaking of… I hear the coffee grinder… must be that time!!!


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