Plot Bunnies, Writing Muse, and all the gods of writing

So you start writing a story. You really only mean for the story to be short. All of a sudden a thought slams into your brain and you take the story into a totally different direction. Characters change, plot changes, you begin to curse every muse, plot bunny, person, and table lamp you see or think of. Stories evolve like that. Sometimes your characters like to take control. Sometimes you hit those writing walls and nothing seems to get through them. So how do you get through all of that?

Well the answer isn’t simple I’m afraid. Plot bunnies are speedy things. They gnaw and gnaw at your brain, don’t let you sleep, and barely let you eat till you get them down. Unfortunately as you finally get the chance to sit down to write, your Writing Muse tends to go on a vacation leaving you high and dry with not a thought in the world.  Frustrating? VERY!!! 

Never fear though…  There is light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. If your characters get the best of you and change you plot, go with it. It’s just that Muse coming back to help you out. 

I remember nearly throwing my computer across the room last year while writing Behind Crossed Lines, a book which I haven’t even begun to take a second look at. It would seem the gods of writing are not with me at the moment. Speaking of gods of writing, I had no idea how many there were!!!  It would appear that every culture, time period, race, and religion have a different entity for inspiration in the literary arts.  Who knew!!  Anyway…. back on point…. After I finished Behind Crossed Lines I felt drained emotionally and physically. I felt like my plot bunny turned into a full fledged rabbit family and my muse was sitting there laughing her head off. I realized it didn’t need to be like this though. If I would have just let my characters guide me instead of fighting them because I thought it should end a certain way, I would have been much better off. 

It’s ok for a story to take a different turn. That is the point of writing a story. It takes your reader on a journey, but who says you can’t pave the way first. 


I know an abrupt ending tonight. 🙂



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3 responses to “Plot Bunnies, Writing Muse, and all the gods of writing

  1. William.Kidd

    That’s why I would always carry a binder of notebooks with me, and all of them are almost full. I get my best ideas either walking or riding around. Also, my iPhone has come in handy many times! Though when I sit down to write, I start the actual writing and then what I just wrote spawns another idea that makes me want to write something else about what I just wrote.

    Writing is so fun, but it can be so frustrating. Though, sometimes I will have a simple idea that will fill up two pages on that simple idea, and I write until I feel content with the message.

    • My notebooks get full pretty quick too. I used to not be able to write from my computer at all!! I should go back to my notebooks I might get some better ideas that way!!

      • William.Kidd

        Yeah I have a hard time on the computer also, especially when I have access to the world wide web and other things. As much as I love my computer, I love being old school about reading and writing-not doing it on the computer. Plus, the feeling of the pen moving across the paper, manifesting your thoughts into the physical world is like no other.

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