Greetings from Disney!! The Happiest Place on Earth…….

Hey all!!!  Vacations are there for us to relax and have fun, quality family time….. NOT WHEN YOU’RE AT DISNEY!!! This vacation has been a go go go go go go go time. BUT that’s ok. We’ve spent time together (fighting and having fun) Found out that the Happiest Place on Earth has some glitches (especially if you can’t plan a time for tantrum throwing for your 3 year old). AND found some inspiration to write too!!

Now about inspiration…. It seems to strike just about anywhere. This time around I was walking through Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival and thought what if Elise did this……. (Elise is the main character in a story I set aside for a bit) Then BAM like a lightning strike I had an idea and a clear picture of how I wanted the story to go. So it seems that even while listening to the hustle and bustle and the tantrum of my 3 year old, inspiration is able to strike in the oddest, busiest, and happiest of places on earth.

Inspiration is a two fold thing though. It is a blessing because I know where I’m going, and a curse because I REALLY do NOT have the time to write it down right now. I’m still finishing off vacation. So now what?!  Well…. I jotted them down on a notebook (which I hope I pack) and I’ll type them up later. I had to get on my computer (first time this ENTIRE vacation RECORD FOR ME) and make sure I set up a blog post for tonight because well…. I was inspired to. 🙂 Inspiration are like those pesky plot bunnies. Unfortunately these time schedules are REALLY not working for me. 

Time Time Time Time Time!!!  Have I mentioned there is just too little hours in the day?  When am I supposed to put in hours to sleep?! It seems like a foreign word at this point. S L E E P  Nope it just doesn’t sound right at all. Who knew it existed?! Vacation is supposed to be a time of rest. Well when your vacation is at a theme park and you need to get everything in with just 4 nights and 5 days, sleep becomes non existent; especially when an idea hits. My muse must be a comedian, she keeps hitting me with these things at ungodly hours of the morning giving me little sleep and I’m pretty sure that makes my storyline look like it should be in a mental library. Funny little things those Muse…..  

So I guess I should thank this crazy vacation I planned…. if it didn’t happen I’d still be at a stand still on a novel I’ve been working on for a very long time. I was honestly ready to just throw the pages up in the air and see where they landed. Wouldn’t have worked out well that’s for sure. I guess my mind works when it’s at it’s busiest….. OR I thrive in chaos….. either way I’m as ready as I ever will be to finally finish this story and complete a work that’s been in the works for almost 8 years!!!  YAY ME!!!

Hope you all have an easier time finding your inspiration….. (This was one EXPENSIVE way of finding my inspiration)



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