To Blog or Not to Blog… THAT is the question

Today has been a very taxing day, mentally and physically. I had to work my normal everyday job for nine hours and while talking to a few people I had a major breakthrough on my novel I’ve been struggling with for over two months now!!! I realized I was too busy at work to take a break to just jot down the idea which made it nearly impossible to concentrate on my actual job and what I was doing. So as I’m going through my day actually physically taxing my brain as I try to remember my amazing breakthrough while at the same time remembering what I needed for my job and stuff I should remember for when I get home, I just made myself over-tired.

So I started asking myself, what do I do the next time my Muse decides to visit me at the most inopportune time?! My answer? Well, I don’t really have one. For once in my blogging/writing/creative life I don’t have an answer for myself. I can’t even pretend that I’ll be able to find an answer. But, I’ve realized that’s ok. That just seems to be life. It will all just come together. If this was really my breakthrough I will remember it the entire time and I’ll be able to get it down, if I forget it then I know that it’s just not what I needed to write down.

I realized this can be applied to many things. I might even save myself a headache if I apply this to the rest of my life. So I ask you, my lovely readers, what do you do when inspiration strikes at a moment you are helpless to do anything about it? 

Now tonight’s blog entry will be a bit shorter than normal and more abrupt because, as I did say, I made a breakthrough and figured I’d get the blog out before I spend the rest of the night pursuing this breakthrough!!!  🙂  

G’night all!!!  Don’t forget to give your own ideas and insights about ill-timed Muse of your own!!!


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