Mush for Brains

Ever have that feeling that if you had to remember/think about/create one more thing your brain would turn to mush? After finishing NaNoWriMo, working retail, holiday rushes, and new ideas to develop, my mind is mush.

I’ve found it harder and harder to go back to old projects and edit them to finish them. They lay there like poor forgotten socks waiting to be matched up and worn again. I just have to keep telling myself that if I don’t get them done, you don’t get to read them. 🙂 (of curse this could be a blessing in disguise. you never know)

So I guess it’s time to unmush my brain and get back to work. The holidays are coming and I’ve got to get something done before they get here. Gotta have something else to talk about with the family besides “Oh yeah it’s just in editing, for the past five years…..” 

Unfinished projects? Mush for brains? Other excuses? 


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