The Emotional Roller coaster known as the “Editing process”

Hi again……  🙂

I feel like I’ve been on a complete roller coaster and like this is just never going to end. This project started as a “Hey you’ve written poetry for years why don’t you write novel I dare you” type thing. I wrote Dangerous Beauty in it’s entirety roughly eight years ago. I rewrote it for a NaNoWriMo three years ago and it’s STILL not finished. After reading several blogs, papers, books, talking to professors, friends, family, and anyone else that would listen I realized something….. I am my OWN worst enemy. 

HAHA yeah it’s true. No one could possibly criticize my work more than I do. So what am I going to do about it? It’s not as easy and just stepping back and walking away from it for a while. This book deserves it’s time and publication. So I’m going to finish it. 

Sometimes that emotional roller coaster we call the editing process is a good thing. Things get ironed out and as you are reading the questions that your reader would ask you end up asking yourself and answering them. However as with anything, sometimes it gets too drawn out and discouragement can set in. You think there is just no way this is good enough I should just scrap it and run from it. I’ve felt that way more than I care to admit. 

Something keeps calling me back and I guess that means this is just mean to be. So no more dallying!!! Dangerous Beauty will be finished and published by March of this year!!!!  I’ll keep updating here for all of those reading. 

Thanks for the support and kind words!!  🙂 


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