Support, it’s a two way street…..

I talk to tons of people everyday in my line of work. (unfortunately until I can publish these books I have to hold a different full time job) There is one reoccurring theme I always see…..

Everyone needs support from the most self assured person to the most shy and unsure person. The level of support is different. 

I never thought it would be easy to write, publish, and eventually sell a novel. I never thought it would be easy to go out and sell a product just to find out you had to sell yourself as a brand first. 

What I have realized is that support is a two way street. If you want a lot of support you better be able and willing to dole out support as well. All of those people who have been there for you and support you whole heartedly are also in need of support. Make sure you are a giver if you plan to be a taker. 

Look at it this way……. Cheerleading (yes I said cheerleading)

They spend all of their time going over routines tirelessly to support their teams (paid or not it’s what they do)

They go to competitions as well….. They need cheering at these competitions…. Teams go on to cheer their cheerleaders.

It’s a support system that works well….. Keep it in mind when getting out there. You can only gain so much support if you are not willing to give out support as well. 🙂




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