If you write it they will read?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your life was just like a movie? And I mean the picture perfect movies where everything ends perfectly and everyone cries or cheers and we all go away with warm fuzzy feelings…… 

I’ve written many things over a period of time. When I started writing I wrote with the “If you build it they will come” philosophy….  I mean I wrote something… .everyone wants to read it right? Huh…. well evidently not. I moved from poetry into writing a novel and now I’m a bit more realistic. So why did I do it? 

Well I still have a bit of the if you write it they will read going on. I mean SOMEONE has to read it…. As long as I have even ONE reader out there…. I will continue to write. 🙂

So today’s topic? Well…. I’m still working on editing my first novel. I think I’m dragging my feet so much because I honestly don’t know what my next steps are. Yes I know, publish and then the real work begins. I have to edit the second book, finish writing the third book, develop the fourth and then outline an idea for a fifth. Those are still the easy parts. Now I have to advertise, host events, look for opportunities, social media, websites, blogsites….. it’s never ending. Honestly I thought the hard part was writing the thing……

So now I’m a one-woman business…..  Ok I get that. I just wasn’t prepared for that. However, like anything it’s something I just need to do if I want to actually get this done and put it anywhere. Like any good writer….. 

I’ll just blog about it as I continue to go through the process. WHY?  Well that answer is simple…. I’m frustrated with all of it and my outlet is writing…. so for all you readers out there….. Here is my question to you….. (because this is where I’m stuck)

What do you look for in a dynamic couple/pairing/love interest when you read a book? What grabs your attention and keeps you reading and rooting for the couple?


Curious minds (or just my mind) want to know!!! 


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