Finally Finished?!

As I breath a sigh of relief, I look over the book I’ve been working on for about seven years now; edits are finally done!!! 

I’m in the process of formatting it and getting the cover done, when I realize this is just the beginning. I finished the easy part (shocked myself on that one too) and now I have to figure out how to publish it and get it out to readers. 

Building an audience isn’t really easy at all. I’m still working on a 300 word pitch….. It’s not easy to describe a work you’ve done for years in just a few words to make people understand what it’s really about. 

Am I throwing in the towel now that I’m faced with a huge challenge?! Oh hell no!!! If nothing else I’m more determined than ever to figure things out. I’ve been reading blogs, talking to other authors, looking at dos and donts, and looking at what I want to do myself. It is easy to do the research, it’s hard to put into practice. I’m sure I’ll stumble here and there and I’m expecting a face plant as well. BUT just like mom always said, “Sweetie, it’s ok dust yourself off and get back to it.” 

So am I finally finished? Far from it! But I take heart that I’m not the first, last, or even the only one out there doing it. And like any good writer who is self publishing, I’ll blog all about it!!!  


Next up a peak at the cover!!!!!  I know you guys can’t wait!!!  




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