Lazy Daze

I’m writing this because, to be completely honest, I cannot think of anything to write on my novels right now. It’s on the brink of a beautiful spring and right now all I want to do is be lazy and lay outside soaking in as much sun as I am able. 

ANYWAY….. News on Dangerous Beauty!!!!!  Final edits are done, sample has been sent out, and I’m about to send out for my proof. EXCITED!!!!!  (Still just want to lay outside)

Behind Crossed Lines in officially in first edits. It’s being pulled apart and pieced back together. I’m still not sure if this is the best way to edit something and I’m totally open for suggestions but I seem to think better on things when I can fully pull them apart and dissect them and then put them back together. I guess it’s a good thing I did not go into the medical field. (I shudder to think)

First draft is coming along great on my newest creation and someday soon I may even name it.


As I look and think about all of this I have come up with one conclusion: My mind is going to drive me insane. I can’t seem to finish one project before moving on to the next. They hit me in waves and there are times I feel as if I’m working on four stories all at once. I’m pretty sure I’ve even crossed over some characters at some point. Which brings me to this conclusion….. I MUST GET OUTSIDE AND SOAK UP SUN!!!!! 

I’m hoping my lazy daze isn’t too contagious. It would be really bad if we were all just laying around outside looking up and seeing if we can find shapes in the clouds. 😉 


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