The Good, The Bad, and The puny?

Yes Yes I know …. I haven’t posted in a while and THIS is what I’m posting about?!

I have a point, I promise!!!! Every writer has a down period, some can recover, some stay sunk, and some just don’t care if they are in a funk or not. I’m in an in-between period of my writing. I’ve had so many people ask me “Where is your book? What’s it about? When can I read it?” Honestly?  I promise the book will get out there. I had lost a lot of steam and, being my own worst critic, almost shut everything down completely. (I’m getting to the title I put out I promise)

So… the good? I’ve been able to create all these amazing characters, worlds, and magics that I would have never imagined before being pushed to do so. I can’t wait to get them out there and it’s amazing how far you can stretch the imagination.

The bad? It’s super hard to pour out your heart and soul into something and then release it to a general public to possibly be stomped on. It’s a scary thing after you’ve worked so hard on something.

And the Puny? This part is actually a pretty good story. I have a friend that I work with. He never fails to cheer me up with a simple silly little pun. We can even get to going back and forth to see who can trip up the other. A good pun is never gone to waste. It keeps my mind thinking and makes me smile, putting me in a better mood, thus enabling me to write when I’m at my best. Puns are just silly little jokes that make you want to shake your head, roll your eyes, and laugh all at once. ….. On a side note… ever wonder why writers are always cold? Ponder it for a bit…..  Must be all the drafts…..  (see what I did there) ok ok ok I promise no more.  😉 

Everyone out there needs a little laugh, smile, something to bring them up and out of their funk. So please guys… If you know a writer, artist, animator, copy editor, photographer, blogger, or any other person out there needing a pep talk… Make them smile. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can change a perspective like a smile can. 

It’s ok… giggle, chortle, guffaw… then you’ll realize your mind is a bit clearer and all the fluff that was in the way preventing your vision will clear and you’ll be free to create again. PROMISE!!!  🙂




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