LaLa Land Return from Crazy

I’m still in the process of reading Wonderbook. 🙂 Seriously if you’re in ANY creative work, not even just writing, you should give this a read. Today’s post isn’t going to be about my thoughts on that book though. Today I’m going to talk about backing up your data!!!

yes I said backing up your data. I’ve found out the hard way that you should have your stuff backed up in a minimum of 3 places. I had an online backup, an external hard drive backup, and that was it….. BIG MISTAKE!!!! My hard drive backup failed somehow and my online backup decided to delete itself getting rid of all of my files on my computer…. Loss? 3 full novels; one in it’s final editing stages before publishing, one ready for editing, and one fresh out of the thought process. tears? Oh yeah…. totally cried. Frustration? beyond words!! Anger? Honestly I was too shocked to be mad. Now I’m more ready to face the fact that I messed up and didn’t back up right. LUCKILY I had sent out a copy of my finished work to a friend so the finished novel I have back. The others will have to be rewritten from scratch if the data can’t be recovered. (fingers crossed)

Now that my back up your data talk is done……. Let’s talk about something else (steps off soap box)

I have been concentrating on character development lately. What should a character look like? How much is too much description? When should I bring them in? Should they be dynamic? I’ve learned that I rely heavily on my descriptions of my characters and I don’t gradually develop them. I give my readers everything up front. I guess this isn’t bad necessarily…. but as I was reading I was thinking to myself I can predict everything this character is going to do without even thinking much about it. I know what you’re all thinking, well you did write it. Yes I did write it. I am able to read as if I were reading it for the first time (which actually I was) and I made my main characters way too predictable. I told you their personalities, looks, acts, likes, and dislikes as soon as I introduced them. I didn’t give the chance for you to grow to like the characters. By the end of my own book I ended up thinking the main character was weak, the love interest wasn’t there, and none of the relationships were believable. Well this is a problem. Soooooo while I go back to my proverbial drawing board… I leave you with this thought…..

How much is too much too soon?

😉 Answer that for me and hopefully next post will be my FIRST writing prompt from Wonderbook!!!


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