The Challenge of Writing: Brainstorming, Finding Ideas, and Locating your Muse

So I’ve been trying to find inspiration to write lately. I’ve had a lot of trouble with plot bunnies running amuck!!  I was given a gift. For my birthday I was bought a book that was all about writing. So far it’s been really really amazing. I’ve spoken about it a couple times on here already. Anyway, the book issued it’s first writing challenge and I decided to take it up. 

Yeah…. a lot harder than I thought it would be. There was a picture on the page and the simple instructions were to write a story about the picture. Problem was, well, it wasn’t inspiring me to write anything. I was fighting it hardcore. After talking with a coworker, my husband, and my muse I figured out one thing fighting my creativity won’t help me at all. If I take a breath and just write what comes to mind, good or bad, something will come of it. I can work on editing and perfecting my writing later… I just need to get it written down. SOOOooooooo I’m going to post the photo here in a moment and the story I was finally able to write from it. First I want to tell you what I’ve learned so far. There are entry points in which you write at your best. They are simple when you think about it but very true. Inspiration can come from literally anywhere so here is how you can channel the overload of inspiration: Write what interests you, write what’s personal, Write what’s uncomfortable, write what’s random, and write from external or self generated prompts. These can all be connected and you can use any or all of them in one writing area. (if you are looking for where I’m finding this it’s Wonderbook The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction pgs 20-24) So with that being said…. I’m going to post the photo below and then my prompt… Feel free to look at the picture and create your own story!!!




Mr. Dandy Tafts took immense pride in himself as an Angel of music. He had an ear for the classics. The man was given two beautiful birds from paradise which he trained to sing beautiful duets. Tafts was a learned man in his former life. Upon his death he decided his books would accompany him. He enjoyed his reading whir his two birds sang for him. All was right in his own personal heaven.

It was decided one day that Mr. Dandy Tafts would be in charge of categorizing the heavenly musical talents in paradise and booking new talent. With the help of his two birds of paradise, he listened long hours to the many creatures which cam to sing for him. He spent centuries cataloguing and categorizing, many hours writing and logging, and countless days going through his books and noting changes. It was after one long day that his birds became silent. He looked to them and asked their thought. The one on his right said there was a visitor approaching. The one on his left said there was a racket on the breeze. Taft thought this odd. he was not taking any more auditions today. The birds remained quiet and still. Dandy Taft was annoyed. He was in the middle of his books. Nevertheless, he was a reasonable Angel; he would wait and listen.

After a long while such a sight appeared before him. His birds began to site. In front of him was a fish, not just any fish, but Madam Clarice DeBlase. he because excited. She was the oat beautiful ballerina in paradise. Confusion soon replaced his excitement. Taft inquired as to why he was to be graced with her presence. She told him she want to sing for him. Looking skeptical he agreed. She opened her mouth and the bubbly warbling that came out displeased Dandy Taft. he attempted to quiet her. Insulted, DeBlase continued to sing much to the aggravation of Taft and the amusement of his birds. They sang along while Taft looked on sulking. 

The performance ended and all but Taft laughed in amusement. “You sir should stop and take amusement once in a while.” Taft uncrossed his arms “And you, madam, should stick to your dancing.”


There you go readers!!!  Simply something short that I was able to figure out and write down without over-thinking anything. 🙂  Enjoy!!!  Write one of your own.


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