So What Now?!

Sometimes I feel like I hit a brick wall when it comes to my writing. I know I am my WORST and HARSHEST critic…. but I’m wondering if I’m taking it to the extreme.

EXAMPLE: I wrote my first book over 8 years ago. I’m still editing and re-editing and re-writing because it’s just not “perfect” So what now? When I’ve worked on this for so long I finally gave it to someone else to edit and I feel like I gave away my first born child!!!

I have written other things since then. My second book seemed a bit easier to hand over to someone to edit. I figured it would get easier with each book regardless of the fact the first one hasn’t been finished or published yet. So again I ask, What now?!

What do you do when you are in between projects? Do you start more? How many things should be on the back burner at one time?!

Slowly I’m learning that the hard part wasn’t coming up with the story and developing it. NOPE not even close. Now I have to market a book that doesn’t even fully exist yet. It’s all kind of funny in a way. BUT I do what I do to get these ideas out of my head. NOW I should get back to work right?!



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