Land of the Lost?!

I almost forgot I had a blog!!! 🙂

I have gotten pretty busy lately. My full time job is getting in the way of my hobbies. 😉 I have been working on a couple of projects though. Last year I wrote “The Queen’s Portal” about a woman growing up in one world only to find out in her adult years she’s the missing leader of another world. She has to go through learning how to lead people she knows nothing about in a land torn apart by wars and oppressed by her own bloodline. By the end she will need to make a decision between her previous life that she has known since she was a child and the new life she has come to know. Honor and duty over love and comfort. It’s been an interesting journey for myself writing something like that. It has many scifi elements in it and I’m just not used to writing that. I’ve been forming the sequel to that book and I’m completely excited and terrified of it at the same time. The first one was so daunting to write and came out amazingly well I’m afraid to follow it. BUT I left it so open I feel I need to answer some things still.

I started a second project as well. This one has required me to reach out to other people to do a little bit of research. It has many elements completely rooted in superstition, lore, legend, and even some spirituality! I won’t say too much about it because I’m still in the process of putting it all together. Sometimes I feel like Frankenstein putting together a monster and just hoping that it won’t run into a village and destroy it!!!

There are so many things I’ve learned while being busy working, balancing family life, balancing a freelance job, as well as writing my own stuff. The first thing I learned was I have only so much patience when I’m busy. The second thing I learned is I daydream A LOT when I’m in the writing process. The third thing I learned is one project CANNOT rule my life. There are times when I just need to set it aside and look around at the colors, people, and things in my life.

Balance is SUPER important. I LOVE to write and it’s an amazing outlet. I can vent anger out through a character, I can create a world where I can escape reality for brief moments until I’m able to deal with that reality, I can write out a problem and then solve it and apply it to a real life situation, and above all I can entertain. My mind can be a dark and scary place, anyone’s can be. It does no good to stay inside of it and let no one in. Shutting youself out of everything while you work on a project is a horrible thing to do and yet we all do it. I myself sometimes forget that there are real things I have to get done and people I have to see. While you do your projects, whether they be writing, music, drawing, or anything else you do…. make sure to make time for yourself and your loved ones.

Now with all of that out of my system….. Here is a small piece of what I’ve been writing lately…..  🙂

Malei walked to the door. Her heart was pounding in her ears. She opened it. Inside her mother’s chambers it looked like a preserved museum scene, something from long ago. The bed remained in perfect condition. Dust did not touch anything. She walked around it. The walls were grey an the floor white raised tile. A writing table stood in the corner. It was wooden and carved with many different patterns. It was beautiful. That writing desk may have been Malei’s favorite thing in this room. She remembered running in and playing on it often when she was little. A closet stood in the far side of the room. Gowns flowed out of it in every color of the rainbow. Her mother was always beautiful and her gowns had to match that beauty. A couch was in the center of the room standing on white furs. A fireplace made of black marble stood at the other end of the room. She walked all the way in and marveled. Nothing was touched in this room. It was just as she remembered it. There were no black marks, no stains, nothing like the rest of the castle. Malei was baffled until she reached the bedside table. Upon the table stood a crown of red gold. Around the gold were black gems. This was the crown of the kingdom. It pulsed as she approached it. The crown called out to her. She reached out for it. Malei dare not finish her reach. It reminded her of her mother. This crown wanted her. It needed her. She closed her eyes and listened. A hum filled the room. Warmth spread through her. She felt more alive in this moment than she ever felt in her life. These people depended on her. They counted on her to rule them. They counted on her to be able to make the right decisions, give the right sacrifices. She was needed. She opened her eyes and reached for the crown again. It pulsed again and this time her hand connected with it. Light erupted and Malei’s vision swam before her.

And there you have it. A small piece from The Queen’s Portal.  Hopefully I will be able to get it all stitched up this summer and ready to head to an editor so I can work on it’s sequel. While that’s all happening… I will continue to work on this new idea I have temporarily dubbed The Gypsy Bride…. How painful would it be to loose one’s essence? To become just a shell and nothing more? Can it be more painful than immortality?! I’ll find out as this book takes shape!!!  🙂


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