Can’t is Just a State of Mind

So I have writer friends I talk to on Facebook as well as people I follow on here. I read their stuff and talk with them and every time I do I think I wish I could do that but I just can’t. Then I make up all sorts of excuses…. “I’m just too busy” “There isn’t enough time” “I’m too tired” “I’m just not that creative” Today I realized these things are just that… they are excuses that are stopping me. I’m going to take a page out of some of there books and make some time, push my creativity, and challenge friends and other fellow writers to do the same. So what’s stopping you all? What is keeping you from those beautiful keyboard keys and pencils and paper?

I’m removing can’t from my vocabulary and I’m starting fresh. I was challenged (well I viewed it as such to motivate me) to write some of my stories on this blog. So far I’ve just been blogging about my process… sometimes I re read and realize I’m just whining about something, or I’m saying something and I don’t follow through with it. So I’m going to be removing can’t, won’t, and don’t.

I may crash, I may get tired, I’m GOING to get frustrated, and I’m going to stress my creative muscle…. BUT I’m going to do it!! Right now I’ve got 3 novels in the editing process and I”m just held up on them. So I’m giving them to someone else to edit and I’m going to remove myself from them for a while and just write what comes to mind. My first project I’m hoping to put up next week. I hope you will all bear with me a while and I’d LOVE to hear some feedback as well as encouragement!!!

This is a hard process and sometimes I feel that by putting it up here I’m opening myself up. Then I realize that’s what I need to do. I won’t become a better writer if I don’t ask for feedback. I can’t ask for feedback without putting something out there.  🙂 SOOooooooooooooo

I’m asking you all for your help…… Make me a better writer because I know I CAN!!!!

See you all next week!!!!!  🙂

In the meantime…. Check out my friend’s writing blog!!!!!!!!!!!!  TOTALLY WORTH THE CHECKOUT!!!!  🙂



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3 responses to “Can’t is Just a State of Mind

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    Good luck and do your best, I love this

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    This just felt so much like what I’ve been trying to do with the podcast. Take can’t out of your vocabulary and take the plunge!

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