What if

Amanda is a very beautiful person inside and out. She is careful with her wording when talking to others, not wanting to offend them. Her steps are graceful and her voice is pleasing to listen to. She makes friends easily. Amanda walks to work everyday in tennis shoes that she exchanges for solid colored pumps when entering the office door. Carefully put together she goes to her desk, boots her computer, and sets herself down for a day of work. This is the same routine everyday. There is little to break that working tradition besides weekends of fun with friends and family. You would think Amanda is quite happy and content. Little would you know of the underlying discontent.

Monday morning came harsh and bright. It was warm outside. Amanda reluctantly¬†rose and walked to her alarm clock slamming a hand down to silence it. She put her alarm on her dresser across the room so she would be forced to rise and turn it off every morning. She yawned and stretched her long, tired limbs. Looking around she oriented herself and slowly woke up. Sluggishly moving toward the kitchen, she wiped the sleep from her eyes and yawned again. “Morning Tibby” she came out of the hallway into a modest living room. On the couch sat a fat orange cat which opened one eye and looked at it’s owner. Amanda dragged her body to the couch and pet the cat on the head. “Tibby, it’s another Monday! Time to rise and get to work!.” The cat closed it’s eyes, rolled over and promptly ignored his master. Sighing, Amanda rose from the couch and continued on to the kitchen. She entered and made a beeline for the coffee maker. Coffee percolating, Amanda began waking with just the smell. She semi-cheerfully began making some oatmeal and sat at the kitchen table to eat while she waited for her coffee.

Amanda sat looking out her back door for what seemed like hours. It was a beautiful sunny day and wildlife was in full motion. People were out walking and running, going about their daily routines. Monday seemed like every other day, but Amanda felt something was off. She lapsed into a daydream of what if’s. Staring unblinkingly out the window, her mind supplied a visual she was not all too familiar with and it startled her. She did not come back to reality though. She was staring at a man who was looking right at her. Puzzled she tentatively waved at him and he smiled. The man seemed familiar to her. Recognition slammed into her like a freight train and she couldn’t stop the events from unfolding in front of her.

Dave looked up at her window. He had been staring at her since he had met her at work months ago. He was finally working up the nerve to ask her out. Today at work he would. Her apartment was on his way, he passed by every morning on his morning run and would see her staring out her window or on her balcony watching the passersby. She was beautiful and her smile was wistful. What he wouldn’t give to just say one word to her. This morning was different though. As he passed by her apartment he stopped and looked up at her window. She was sitting there staring just like normal. Was she even aware she was standing out on her balcony? Their gazes locked and Dave swallowed. “Well here goes nothing” he thought to himself. Taking a deep breath he smiled and waved to her. She greeted him cheerily and bid him come closer to her balcony. “On your morning run?” she questioned him. He nodded. “I will not keep you then. I’ll see you at work? Perhaps we will have lunch today.” Dave couldn’t believe his luck. He nodded and bid her farewell, continuing on his run. Amanda raced back in the house to grab her coffee. She stopped suddenly and remembered something, running to the door she called out to Dave. Dave heard her and wandered back. “We’ll meet today at the caffe down the street from work. That way we have a meeting spot.” Dave smiled and replied, “It’s a date!” Amanda went back in and continued with her morning. Dave decided he was too late to run with the interruption and returned home to get dressed. Up ahead at the cross section a horrible accident happened when two cars turned into each other causing a block in traffic.

Amanda practically skipped into work that morning. She was happier than she had been in a while. Her only pause was stopped while crews cleared the accident at the corner of her street. Two cars crashed into each other. No one had been on the path at that time so no one was hurt. Amanda went about her day as per usual. Lunch came and butterflies swarmed her stomach. She walked down to the front doors and paused. She was going on a date with Dave. She had been watching him for a while now and was instantly attracted to him. She smiled to herself and walked out of the building to the cafe. Dave was already there and took the liberty of ordering for her. Everything was perfect and the two laughed and talked over lunch. They decided they would meet up for dinner soon. Amanda was on cloud nine as she left the cafe and went back to work all the while talking with Dave. That night Dave called Amanda and made plans for dinner that Friday. Amanda agreed and got off the phone with him and planned her Friday outfit. That week had been the longest week for them both. Dinner came and went and many other dates followed. A year went by and Amanda found herself staring at the sidewalk one morning while getting ready for the weekend. There was a knock on her door. She turned and walked to answer it. There at the front door was Dave, down on one knee asking her to marry him. She smiled and tearfully said yes. He picked her up and twirled her around. The wedding day came and went and Amanda was blissfully happy. They were expecting their first child. Cries entered the room and the baby was set into the mother’s awaiting arms. She smiled as a flash went off signaling the camera held by a smiling Dave. He walked up to her and bent to kiss her forehead.

BEEP BEEP BEEP the sound of the coffee maker startled Amanda from her window view. She turned and a tear was resting on her cheek. Grabbing the coffee pot she poured the coffee into a mug and went back to the table. There on the table was a newspaper opened up to an article which Amanda looked at unblinkingly. The small headline read: Runner killed in two car accident.

What if she had actually run back to her window to tell him to meet her at the cafe instead of just grabbing her coffee that morning a year ago that very day.



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