Differences of Opinion (Challenge from a friend Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint)

Monica was completely set in her ways. She was born upperclass. Everything was handed to her all of her life. By the time she became an adult her vision was obscured. She shopped only name brand. She had a beautiful car but never learned to drive since she had a driver. Thus her life passed pretty pleasantly for her. Monica was a very smart woman albeit born with extreme prejudices.

Daniel was born in the slums. He was always dirty and his family was poor. They never really knew where their next meal was coming from. He played in the streets with his friends and had hardly a care in the world. He never saw himself at a disadvantage. He never looked at anyone with hatred or malice. He was a pleasant boy. As he grew up a dark seed was planted within him and hate grew. It was no fault of one particular thing, more society as a whole where he was concerned. He had to work hard for everything he ever did. People stepped on him, trampled over his generosity, and tore away at his heartstrings. Before he knew it he grew up a bitter adult. He hated the upperclass people who never knew hardships beyond not having their driver while he/she was on vacation. His bitter thoughts kept him from enjoying his adulthood like he should have been able to. School was rough but Daniel pulled through and went off to college to get his degree. He knew he was looking at a life of debt while he made his way and hatred grew further in his heart blackening his view of the world.

Monica was dealt a huge blow one morning. Her parents sat her down and told her she needed to make her own way. They would be paying for her college, but she was a smart girl, she needed to attend. Monica stomped through the house throwing every fit she could muster. However, confronted by her maid who had been her lone friend to stay by her since she was a baby, she controlled her temper and apologized. As independent as she was, she depended on money to help her along. She worked a little while she was in high school but only because she wanted to she never had to. This would be different. She would need to work for her grades and would need to make a name for herself. People would treat her differently and she hated that. She viewed most of the people she met as shallow, money grubbers and didn’t associate with them. It was why she didn’t have many friends growing up. It wasn’t worth hating them though, it wasn’t even worth hugely disliking them. It just took too much energy. This though, this would be different. She could go away to school where no one would know about her money or anything. She could start over and maybe find someone who would accept her for her and not her money.

First day of college made Monica groan. Her parent’s insisted on taking her in their private jet and drive the limo up to the school. People stared and everyone tried to get to know her. She turned her nose up to everyone and sighed when she got into the building and found out that her room was actually an apartment instead of the dorm room usually issued. She grumbled as she grabbed her schedule and her maid and some people hired by the family carried her belongings to her room. She sat on her bed dreading the beginning of school. Daniel was caught up in the crowd. He just wanted to get his room and his schedule and go. Everyone was pushing and crowding each other. it seemed there was some celebrity or whatever ahead of them. He watched as a girl got her schedule looking bored and annoyed. He thought to himself, she’s probably so stuck up they put her in a special apartment away from all of us “low-lifes” He looked at her with eyes clouded by rage and hate. By the time he got his schedule and room he was exhausted. All the hatred building up wore him out. He was angry at himself for letting that one incident get to him. He would probably never see her or ANY rich brat in the school. Daniel’s grades were actually pretty good. He was in many advanced classes and his major was in business. He got to his room and went to bed not wanting to talk with anyone that day.

Daniel woke early and got ready. He followed his schedule and the day seemed pretty easy. He got to his first class and almost cursed outloud. The girl from yesterday was there. He sneered as he walked past her. She looked up slightly shocked but glared back just the same. Daniel sat as far from her as he could and opened his book. He was determined to ignore and hate her for the entire year. Monica was startled when a man entered the classroom and looked at her with hate. He’s just jealous she thought and glared right back at him. She hated when people treated her with malice for no real reason. She was determined to ignore the man as long as she could.

The day went by normally after that. Monica and Daniel were in several classes together. Monica was near tears by lunch. It just took so much of her energy ignoring and loathing a person she never met. Her maid’s words came to mind. “Monica, walk a mile in another person’s shoes before you are determined to think ill of them.” She smiled and decided she would confront this man who seemed to hate her. Daniel was in a horrible mood. He was tired, he was grouchy, and he had no appetite. Lunch came around and he went to the cafeteria and sat down. The girl he was determined to hate was there. With a growl of frustration he got up and confronted her. “Don’t you have anything better to do than to come here? Don’t mommy and daddy pay for everything? Just go home!” Monica reeled at the tone of the man’s voice. Something entered her eyes that made Daniel pause. Pity, he saw it there. She pitied him. This made him angrier and he stormed out. Monica watched him go. She cocked her head to the side in wonder that someone could hate her. She went about her lunch and day.

Next day Monica was determined to talk to Daniel but her avoided her every attempt. She remained quiet until lab time. It would appear the teacher would not let them pick lab partners. He assigned them. Daniel and Monica were partnered up. Daniel gave up. He spent so much time hating her and he just had no more energy to fight it. Monica sat down next to him slowly. “Hello” she said without looking at him. He looked over and noticed she was tense. They would get a horrible grade this year like this. He took a breath and blew it out. “Hello.” was his gruff reply. He still refused to look at her. Monica sighed but continued on their work. Days went on like this. Daniel did minimum work and Monica worked as hard as she could. Frustrated one day she grabbed him after class. “What is with you?” She yelled at him. He turned to her and spat back, “You! You are what is wrong with me. You spoiled brat. You’ve never had to work for anything!” Monica stared at him. “You know, I can’t help who I was born to. I was a lot like you and I can see that hatred is just not worth it. If you would let me we could be friends.” He stared at her incredulously. “We have NOTHING in common.” She smiled at him. “You don’t know me. Give it a chance. If we can’t find anything common I’ll even ask the professor to give us different partners.” Daniel thought it over. “Fine.” Really what did he have to loose.

The two went to lunch together. They talked about likes and dislikes. The more they talked the more Daniel relaxed. it would appear they had a lot in common. They shared the same books. They shared the same interest in music. They had so much in common it was hard for Daniel to remain hating Monica. Daniel never realized he could have so much in common with his enemy. Monica laughed and he found himself relaxing even more. They parted ways and went back to their rooms. Daniel had to rethink his entire life up to this. His hatred was for nothing? When did it even start? Why was it there? Monica was a great girl and he was letting his hatred keep him from a great friendship. Making up his mind he walked out of his room to seek a new friend. They had exchanged numbers. He text her and she agreed to meet up with him.

A few years went by and the two became fast friends. They were hardly ever apart. Daniel seemed to come out of his shell and made several friends. Monica worked hard and made friends herself. She trusted Daniel’s judgement when it came to people and she was no longer afraid that they would betray her for her money. It was nearing summer break. The two friends had planned a trip together after going home first to spend time with family. Daniel talked about Monica often and his parents were excited to finally meet this girl. They text every night. Monica would be flying out to meet up with him and staying with his parents for a few days before they left for New York to catch a flight to Europe. They were so excited. They talked every night.

The flight day came. Daniel invited some of his friends with him to pick her up from the airport. His friends didn’t believe he had made a friend out of Monica. It would appear that Daniel had truly changed his outlook. They went to the airport to pick her up. They waited and waited. But the flight never made it. Daniel stared in disbelief. It was all over the news. Maybe she didn’t catch the flight. He text her frantically. There was no answer. The girl who changed his mind, the person who helped him let go of his hatred, the one person who could open up and care about him regardless of his attempts to keep her away was gone.

Daniel turned to his friends and smiled. “She wouldn’t want me to be unhappy and go back to being hateful. Let’s go out guys.”


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