Growing Pains

I’ve been stretching my creative brain lately and working on new projects. I was doing short stories (and still am don’t worry), my novels (also still an ongoing project), and now took up the challenge of writing scripts for short movies!!! There is quite the learning curve though. I’m gathering that now. Writing a story I just have to get you to imagine everything. I give you JUST enough information to give you a picture while I take you on a full journey from beginning to end. There are twists, turns, loop de loops, and backwards rushes in those journeys but you are in it with me. When writing a script there are no surprises, you direct, you use dialog, and you have to have everything so precise. I never realized all that a writer of a script goes through. I commend those writers! You guys are amazing and I can only hope to accomplish just a small part of what you all do everyday!!! Anyway….. things they do have in common: they tell a story. I’m good at that. I can take you from step A to step B and then work my way through the alphabet entertaining you. A script does that as well on a more direct level. There is a tone of voice that has to be written in. Have you ever had to write a tone of voice?! It’s a lot harder than you think. I spent a lot of time thinking “How would I react to this? What are my facial expressions?  Am I agitated?” Then I spent a lot of time rewriting those exact emotions. It was so much fun and so much work and there were times, just like writing the novels, where I felt like pulling out my hair and or throwing my computer against a wall because it just wasn’t typing right…. I mean I can’t blame that on myself right?! I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working on. I’ll put up small snippets of it soon!!!  PROMISE!!!!!  Until then….. this short little blot will have to do….  😉


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