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It’s Been So Long…

Hello again!!! Yes I know… It’s been a while. It’s ok though. I’ve been working on writing! Well not entirely, but mostly… Maybe semi-mostly? So anyway here is what HAS been going on. I think I’ve finally got Dangerous Beauty where I want it now. It’s only taken me  10 years to get it there. I’ll be posting more of that under Dangerous Beauty. I’m also going to reorganize this blog a bit. Right now stuff is … well kind of everywhere! I’m usually a lot more organized than this… I promise! I also have written Behind Crossed Lines, which has a LOT of work that needs done on it before I even let someone read it for content correction. The last two years I’ve been working on a large project.

This project is a trilogy!! I’ve never attempted to write anything like this before, but the story just kind of grew out of what just one book can handle. So I’m writing three!! So far book one is proving to be pretty good. I’ve had to do some research, which I’ve never had to do. Typically I create the entire world, the people, the flora, the fauna, everything is my own creation. This time around it isn’t just my creation. I’m using real life places and real life situations with a spin of fiction added to my reality. It has been one crazy ride!

I’ve been working on short stories too!! You can see some of my work on here of course, but I’m working on more. I may be moving some poetry over here too. I’ll add up links on everything I’m doing when I get the chance to do it. So keep coming by and checking things out.

So what’s my next thing? Yep I’m working on other stuff besides my poetry, short stories, and novels. So my next thing is a combined project with my dear hubby. 😉 We’ll be, hopefully, working on some fun children’s stories!! I can’t wait to get that all started!

So while I go on with a few other things tonight… Here is a taste of Malei.

“Uncle Abraham!” It wasn’t a dream. She jumped into his arms. She had missed him so much. It had literally been years since she had last seen him, and she was afraid of never seeing him again. She hugged him for all her worth. Then she remembered. She grabbed his shoulder, using her weight she swung around his back and wrapped her other arm around him before he could react. She flipped him over her own shoulder and then slammed him onto the floor. He hit with a loud grunt. She looked furious.

“You are here?” She looked with fury down at Abraham. He was struggling to re catch his breath after having the wind knocked out of him. She surprised him. The entire room was silent. No one really knew what to do. Their future queen just slammed their General into the ground. “You knew?!” this came out more forced and much higher pitched than she had hoped to do.

She let him up, then punched him square in the jaw. His head whipped back with the force. “You ass!” She screamed at him. If Abraham wasn’t shocked before, he was certainly shocked now. Joseph couldn’t even let out a disapproving glance or say a word at the very unladylike display. Adrenaline rushing through her, she launched herself at Abraham landing quick punches before he could deflect them.


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More to Come…

Well ladies and gentlemen….. Things are getting REAL!!!  Dangerous Beauty is getting ready for its publication!!! (excited squeal) I’ve been talking about this for so long! AND I’ve got a new site to direct to. You’re all along for the ride and it’s going to be one bumpy rollercoaster! I can’t wait though!!! It’s been a long road! Writing, rewriting, then writing again. It’s like beating a dead horse!!!  🙂

My rambling is just to tell you… thoughtsinwordsblog is being rebranded!!!!  You’ll be following onewritersthoughts instead!!!!

Stay tuned!!!


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The Amazing Family Share Teaser

As promised….. just a little bit of a teaser to the script I wrote up. A small synopsis of the store and a character description. Up next……. figuring out how to film it and with whom!!! 🙂 Names are not set in stone.  😉 So what do you all think?!


What really happens when you start family sharing on your devices? There are inner workings that are out of the scope of normal understanding. Experts are hired just to take phone calls to help with those pesky Family Share problems. But what REALLY happens when you add and remove family members?

Linda is a woman in her mid twenties. She’s got an unmatched love for all things technology. Her love has landed her a dream job of being able to work at home while answering technical questions. Her enthusiasm for life comes out in all of her interactions, whether they be her customers on the phone or her personal life. She has never been one to crumble under pressure and her office is her sacred place. No one is allowed in her office.

Bob is a middle aged father of three kids. His calm demeanor helps him manage technical devices with ease. Bob is the first to admit defeat and call for help when faced with a difficult problem, however, Bob isn’t as clueless as he may seem to be. His mother-in-law is the bane of his existence and all he wants is a quiet weekend to himself.

Mary is a middle aged mother of three and wife of Bob. She is a very soft spoken woman who knows how to run a house efficiently. She is level headed and cool under pressure although her methods for dealing with stress often make her seem a bit out of this world. She is always happy no matter what is going on.

Joel is a teenager just trying to live the most amazing life before he has to go off to college. While he loves his family he thinks his dad is out of touch and his mother is just plain crazy. No one can be that happy all the time. He’s not the best one to have around if anything is going to go wrong but his sense of humor and willingness to break any and all rules make him quite the handful.

Mackenzie AKA Kenzie is a vivacious six year old who loves her dolls and her little sister. She is hyper and always up for running circles around anyone. She is the light of her mother’s eye and the only person able to nearly pop a vein in Bob’s head.

Elizabeth AKA Lizzie is a two year old toddling along for the ride with her crazy family. She loves her daddy and is hardly ever far from him.

Mother-in-law is an elderly, spry woman who thinks her daughter married the person most wrong for her. She has made it her personal mission to do anything she can to sabotage him and make him miserable. Her daughter is the most perfect person on earth and unfortunately her grandson is turing out just like his father. She is often frowning and always attempting to get Mary to grab the girls and move home with her.

Noel (or whatever her name is) is a teenager that is never good under pressure and completely devoted to Joel.

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Dangerous Beauty

Well guys… I know I haven’t updated lately with a new short story or writing of any kind. I’ve been a bit busy.  It seems when ideas come they just flood in!!! ANYWAY my amazingly wonderful friend who is helping me edit made me aware of a contest out there that The Nerdist is hosting partnered with Inkshares. So I decided “Ok what the heck let’s put Dangerous Beauty out there”

Now Dangerous Beauty is the project I’ve spent blood (literally), sweat (thankfully figuratively), and tears (sadly literally as well) in to for eight years!!!  EIGHT YEARS of going over words and words and thoughts and letting them all churn so long there were times I thought I’d just scrap it. FINALLY I’ve made peace with my own project and brought some life in to it. So I’m on here tonight to urge you to take a look…. NOT just at Dangerous Beauty (although you know it’s my ultimate goal) but at all these books being crowd funded on Inkshares. There are some AMAZING works out there!!!

My fellow authors can attest to this, creating the project seems to be the easy part. You get it finished and find you’re looking at it going YAY!!!  *fist pump* and then come down and think…. Ok so now what.  I’m at the And now what part.  I want nothing more than to see this book put to print!!!!!  Sooooooo I’m asking you readers/writers/lovers of books out there. Check it out. It’s worth the look, if nothing more than for your PURE entertainment!!!

Check it out, drop me a line, preorder a book or two and for the love of everything and anything out there share and spread the word!!!!!

Check out J.M. White’s new book, Dangerous Beauty: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/dangerous-beauty-9777?referral_code=fd76c85a

And yes I promise you a new short story next week!!!  *scouts honor*  😉

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Introductions and Expectations

Introductions and Expectations.


Check out a friend and fellow author’s blog!!!  I promise to make some posts again soon!!!  Until then… check him out!!!  🙂

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Projects Projects and More Projects

Sometimes I wonder if all of this writing is actually worth anything. I get these ideas that nag and nag at me until I get them down. But then what? There is editing, publishing, marketing. It’s all so exhausting. So really is it all worth it?

My answer to myself: TOTALLY!!!

Anything that stokes a passion is worth doing. If you are passionate about something it is ALWAYS worth doing. I write because it’s something I love to do. I don’t write for money. (although that would be amazing) I don’t write as just a hobby (although gain nothing wrong with that) Writing is a passion. I put heart, soul, life, into every word I write. When I write I feel like I can do and go anywhere. I want my readers to be able to escape into a different world.

Writing prompts are there to help stoke the imagination. My mind is constantly looking at any and every angle of things and sometimes that’s just exhausting. In the end it’s completely worth it. I get to do something I love and get these words out of my head. 🙂 It’s a win win!!!

Anyway….. I was asked recently what exactly I was passionate about. What keeps me going? Why do I do what I do?

These are actually hard things to answer. Being passionate about something requires more than just attention and time. It requires more than just love and care. It means putting your ENTIRE self into something. People are not always on board with your passions. Some people cannot understand your passions. Many people are even talked down upon because of their passions. Being passionate about something is very hard and can mean taking a lot of risks. So when I was asked what are you passionate about, I had to think about it. What am I really passionate about? I LOVE many things, I adore things, I dislike things, but am I passionate? The answer actually came to me a lot easier than I was expecting. I am passionate about my writing. I have done many things for my writing. I have made myself sick, lost sleep, had nothing else on my mind but my writing, done research, talked people’s ears off, lost my voice speaking about pitches, and even spent 3 hours recovering data all over writing.  🙂 It’s my escape from everything. It’s my passion. I’m a descriptive writer so I like to create. I can spin color, bend worlds, create beings, and change reality in mere words. It’s amazing!!!! I’m working on 3 different projects with a 4th, 5th, and 6th in the works. I’ll post a synopsis of three of them below and just a look into the other three. They are all still roughed out. The first one is so near being complete I can taste it!!!  It’s exciting really!!! Anyway I’m a bit off topic aren’t I?  What keeps me going?

Well what keeps anyone going? I have a ton of support. And even if people aren’t interested sometimes I think I’m so excited about something I’m glowing. It makes the subject all of a sudden interesting even to the uninterested party. Passion is contagious. Just having someone listen and allow me to just light up about what I love is enough to keep me going. So in a simple answer; what keeps me going? My friends, family, potential readers, strangers, everyone!!! Why do I do what I do?

Well that’s actually really simple: because I want to. There is nothing more and nothing less than that. I do what I do because it is something I want to do. 🙂 Nothing deep there.  So I urge you all to follow a passion you have. Don’t feel badly because not everyone agrees with it or even likes it. Do what you are doing because it is what you want to do and it makes you happy. That is the MOST important thing in this world. 🙂

Ok here are some of the projects I’m working on right now. First off is Dangerous Beauty. Backstory to this? Well I’ve been working on it for YEARS literally YEARS, 8 years to be exact. I’ve finally put a final draft and it’s going through just content edits. Here is a small synopsis of Dangerous Beauty:

Nobility, Sorcery, Sirens, Witches, and an inescapable evil lurk in the Kingdom of Tieruron. Count Makraim has been living his life for his king. Putting his past behind him caused him to harden his heart to the one person who could help him out of darkness. Matsey, a servant in the count’s household, holds a power all her own. Elise finds her self on the run from a man who has destroyed her only way of life. Glimpses of a secret past may be the only way to save those she has grown to trust.

Together, they face off in a war of magical proportions, and the three must help Elise find her true identity to unlock a power hidden deep within. The journey will be long and the war will be bloody, but the three may just come out of top with a little bit of help.

Dangerous Beauty is a fantasy novel that takes you on a journey through a kingdom struggling to keep itself out of the clutches of hell. The exhausted people are hopeful for someone willing to rid them of the evil that’s seeking power to destroy them.

My second project in the works is titled Behind Crossed Lines. This piece of work took a lot and I mean A LOT out of me. I was sick and running a high temp half of the novel!!! It’s on it’s first edits and has been through 2 rewrites!!! Yep lots of work. Now this one I spent less time on but still years of work, roughly 4 years on this one. Anyway….. This is the only way I can describe this novel: (it’s still a work in progress guys)

War is immanent when gods and goddesses gift mortals with immortality. Delwyn has the misfortune of being a beauty worthy of a goddess not to mention a mysterious past only her father knows about. Her father is a blacksmith gifted by the gods to make the most divine blades. A fallen lesser god has found out about the two being on Earth and will start as many wars as needed that will span years upon years to get what it is he wants, her. Delwyn’s secret is close to being revealed. She has powerful friends that will fight the gods themselves to keep her among them. Will she be able to find herself before her world becomes a hell on Earth? A figure from her past has been chasing her for years. She doesn’t fear him but is unwilling to go to him. He will move Heaven, Hell, and Earth itself to keep her happy. All the confusion, all the anger, and all the passions will come to a head in one epic and final battle that will destroy the lives of everyone involved in order to save the people of Edilwyn as well as their gods. Will you join them on their journey? Will you be able to pick a side?

My third project that is in the works is temporarily titled The Queen’s Portal. This was last years NaNoWriMo project and it has been a joint idea. I had this idea for a semi scifi novel. I’m not the biggest scifi fan so I had to rely on my hubby for help on certain elements. I had no idea it would take the form it has taken. It has been rewritten once now and will go through a second rewrite as well as edits in abundance!!! Anyway…. here is a short synopsis of The Queen’s Portal:

Malei has lived her life on Earth in present day 2014 with her guardian Barnabus. On her 25th birthday a mark appeared on her back. Curious she went to get it checked out by the military doctor. Thinking nothing of his explanation she went on a routine patrol with her troop. Things get hectic and a portal appears during the attack sucking her into it. She wakes to find herself in a dingy room with an overly excited male around her own age. Disoriented she seeks information from him and finds an overload. She is a princess and her parents were killed when she was younger in a war. Her brother had taken her throne and now she is needed to take it back again. Malei needs to make a decision to either leave everything behind and claim her birthright and save the people of her lands or go back to the family she left behind on Earth. What kind of war will await her decision? Can she choose honor and duty over life and love?

I’ve got two possibly three different things in the works. The Queen’s Portal very well may be a two or three part series describing the lands, her decision, and ramifications of her decision. Can’t give you two much on that or it will spoil the book itself!!!!  🙂  BUT I can give you a peak into something that has popped into my head recently.

She glided through the ruins of the castle. Her feet light on the dust covered floors. Images flashed before her eyes. Dancing couples twirling in the great hall, servants bustling about in the dining hall, a royal couple receiving subjects in the throne room, a small child with beautiful curly locks of purple hair and beautiful blue eyes. The pictures disappeared leaving the ruin and dust behind. She signed. Twirling around and walking to the grand staircase she smiled and touched it. Dust vanished with her touch and the ivory shown once more with a brilliance only brought about with care and a lot of polishing. She ascended the staircase looking ahead and paying no attention to anything around her. People appeared on all sides. Ghosts of the past whirled around her and echoes of conversations long gone floated to her ears. She reached the top stair and turned at a foreign noise. There, at the bottom of the stair stood a man. He looked up at her, through her. She moved into the shadows and watched as all the visions disappeared from view. This man would go too and she would be alone again, as she has been for over 2000 years. Tortured and locked away in a ruin of a castle Monique was doomed to spend her days. 

Well there you go guys!!!  That is ALL I’ve been up to!!!  Tell me what you think!!  Tell me about your passions!!! I’d love to hear from you all!!!  🙂

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Distractions and NaNoWriMo

Have you ever felt completely torn in two?  Maybe Three? or a Hundred different directions? It’s not a pretty feeling. It leaves one with quite the migraine not to mention little left of your self. This seems to be what’s going on with me lately. I know just DAYS away is NaNoWriMo (for those that don’t know NAtionalNOvelWRItingMOnth), the World Series is going on, work is hectic, the kids are involved in everything under the sun, hubby is working on animation and comic projects, friends are getting married, family is asking about Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations are out at Macy’s!!!  YES CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ARE OUT!!! I haven’t even finished Halloween decorations people!!!

So back to distractions……  *sheepish grin* 

There are many many forms of distractions. Most, not all mind you, can be avoided or dealt with quickly so they are no longer distractions. Let’s start with little things. It’s beautiful outside lately. It’s so easy to set everything aside for an hour (or 24) and join the fire pit outside and the fall pumpkin picking and decorating and parties. I’m never one to say don’t go…. But think, you do have projects to do. So instead of overwhelming yourself, pace yourself. It’s near Halloween….. go to a few of the costume parties ( I know I’m going) but on those days make sure you have time for your projects before hand. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!!! Those beautiful fire pit nights; enjoy them!!!  GUILT FREE EVEN!!! During the day put aside some project/family/self time and join the fire pit in the evening when the sky is crystal clear and just the animal (be it cars from the city or animals in the county) sounds and you. If you set yourself up for the I can’t do this if I want to do this you are going to set yourself up for failure in your goal. You have to be able to relax and indulge just as much as you have to be able to hold back and pace yourself. 

Things you can’t really help or avoid that distract you from your project goals are inevitable. You have family, professional, and social obligations that can become a distraction to your project. Kids need to be at dance, practice, games, meets, clubs, and all modes of other things and YOU need to get them there and back, make dinner, ready baths, and prep for the next day. Sound familiar?! I don’t doubt it! That tends to be my daily life!!!  SO ask for help!!!  Don’t be afraid to ask for the help of family and friends. Maybe Grandma can pick up little susie from dance practice so you can make a decent dinner. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be realistic about what you take on at work. If you know that November and December are busy social and personal months, don’t take on the biggest project at work. No one is getting the best out of you if you are stressed, under fed, and sleep deprived. Social obligations are probably the hardest out of all of this. Your friends can make some pretty high demands and usually can make you feel smaller than an ant for missing said social events. However, these are your friends we are talking about. Be upfront with them and if they are truly friends they will be supportive of you and may even volunteer to help out. 

AND last but not least: BREATHE!!! This would seem obvious right?! Not so much. Last year I made a huge mistake in just about everything above. I didn’t sleep, didn’t eat right, tried to do everything myself, AND took on writing a 50,000 + word novel in just 30 days. Needless to say I got a pretty high fever and was laid out roughly 4 days (still wrote during that much to the now chagrin of my editor who needs to make sense of all that I wrote during that time) I forgot to pace, I forgot to ask for help, and I didn’t even think to step back and just say no. 

NaNoWriMo is hard. It’s demanding. AND it’s all up to you how you do it. So you don’t finish 50,000 words in 30 days. That doesn’t mean don’t give up. On the other hand so you finished 50,000 words in 30 days, it’s not over yet. It’s a lot of work and it’s dedication all on you. So make the most of any and every resource you can.

Good luck to you on your projects!!!  

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