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The Amazing Family Share Teaser

As promised….. just a little bit of a teaser to the script I wrote up. A small synopsis of the store and a character description. Up next……. figuring out how to film it and with whom!!! 🙂 Names are not set in stone.  😉 So what do you all think?!


What really happens when you start family sharing on your devices? There are inner workings that are out of the scope of normal understanding. Experts are hired just to take phone calls to help with those pesky Family Share problems. But what REALLY happens when you add and remove family members?

Linda is a woman in her mid twenties. She’s got an unmatched love for all things technology. Her love has landed her a dream job of being able to work at home while answering technical questions. Her enthusiasm for life comes out in all of her interactions, whether they be her customers on the phone or her personal life. She has never been one to crumble under pressure and her office is her sacred place. No one is allowed in her office.

Bob is a middle aged father of three kids. His calm demeanor helps him manage technical devices with ease. Bob is the first to admit defeat and call for help when faced with a difficult problem, however, Bob isn’t as clueless as he may seem to be. His mother-in-law is the bane of his existence and all he wants is a quiet weekend to himself.

Mary is a middle aged mother of three and wife of Bob. She is a very soft spoken woman who knows how to run a house efficiently. She is level headed and cool under pressure although her methods for dealing with stress often make her seem a bit out of this world. She is always happy no matter what is going on.

Joel is a teenager just trying to live the most amazing life before he has to go off to college. While he loves his family he thinks his dad is out of touch and his mother is just plain crazy. No one can be that happy all the time. He’s not the best one to have around if anything is going to go wrong but his sense of humor and willingness to break any and all rules make him quite the handful.

Mackenzie AKA Kenzie is a vivacious six year old who loves her dolls and her little sister. She is hyper and always up for running circles around anyone. She is the light of her mother’s eye and the only person able to nearly pop a vein in Bob’s head.

Elizabeth AKA Lizzie is a two year old toddling along for the ride with her crazy family. She loves her daddy and is hardly ever far from him.

Mother-in-law is an elderly, spry woman who thinks her daughter married the person most wrong for her. She has made it her personal mission to do anything she can to sabotage him and make him miserable. Her daughter is the most perfect person on earth and unfortunately her grandson is turing out just like his father. She is often frowning and always attempting to get Mary to grab the girls and move home with her.

Noel (or whatever her name is) is a teenager that is never good under pressure and completely devoted to Joel.


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Growing Pains

I’ve been stretching my creative brain lately and working on new projects. I was doing short stories (and still am don’t worry), my novels (also still an ongoing project), and now took up the challenge of writing scripts for short movies!!! There is quite the learning curve though. I’m gathering that now. Writing a story I just have to get you to imagine everything. I give you JUST enough information to give you a picture while I take you on a full journey from beginning to end. There are twists, turns, loop de loops, and backwards rushes in those journeys but you are in it with me. When writing a script there are no surprises, you direct, you use dialog, and you have to have everything so precise. I never realized all that a writer of a script goes through. I commend those writers! You guys are amazing and I can only hope to accomplish just a small part of what you all do everyday!!! Anyway….. things they do have in common: they tell a story. I’m good at that. I can take you from step A to step B and then work my way through the alphabet entertaining you. A script does that as well on a more direct level. There is a tone of voice that has to be written in. Have you ever had to write a tone of voice?! It’s a lot harder than you think. I spent a lot of time thinking “How would I react to this? What are my facial expressions?  Am I agitated?” Then I spent a lot of time rewriting those exact emotions. It was so much fun and so much work and there were times, just like writing the novels, where I felt like pulling out my hair and or throwing my computer against a wall because it just wasn’t typing right…. I mean I can’t blame that on myself right?! I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working on. I’ll put up small snippets of it soon!!!  PROMISE!!!!!  Until then….. this short little blot will have to do….  😉

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